Sye got her own site bought

Not much there, but giving her site a boost here. Kuro5hin is down, now Kr5ddit is down, I am waiting to hear from Procasti when his site goes back up but my only contact with him was on Kr5ddit.

Procasti developed Kr5ddit and the FreeK666 free as in money version of it. I just helped with some FreeK666 minor programming, Procasti did the most work on it.

The source code can be found here:


GNU Social is now live! DEAD DUE TO SPAMMERS!

Check it out at


Spammers kept posting too many messages and uploading large images that it caused session errors so nobody could log in, and the disk quota was full. We tried to make a free as in freedom alternative to Twitter using GNU Social, but the social justice warriors, feminists, and left-wing domestic terrorists won because they kept laying turds on my coffee table until it could no longer take the weight and break. So now everything is gone!